Mill Resurrection
Mill Resurrection

Dan‘s gone! He left the 18th of last month, but not before dropping off a present:

One trashed CNC Mill

A “D&M 4 Machining Center,” an educational model. This last week I’ve been cleaning the mill, and imagine my surprise when I pop the back to find this:

Modular circuit board design!?

Although the front controls and computer control port were toasted, the power supply was functioning, and after sending a 5V probe into the logic input of one of the motor controllers, we find that the Mill is, in fact, in operating condition! It’s now “feasible” to attempt some repair:

X,Y, and Z momentary toggle switches

Circuit to send logic +5V or +0V to three controller boards

On an up-note, while researching the ICs on the motor controller boards, I found that they have a boolean state for half- or full-stepping (!). The makers of the controller boards even put a small rocker switch on-board to toggle the stepping-mode:

8-dip toggle switch/ rocker block

  1. Paul

    on August 11, 2013 at 19:31

    Hey, I just got a D&M Machining Center and I need information about it. Can I talk to you about it?

  2. matti

    on August 11, 2013 at 19:35

    Sure; I’ve sent you an email. Reply here if you didn’t get it…

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